Who I am

Simply put, I'm a software developer. In these wonderful days of Agile and Scrum I should really call myself a Full Stack Developer or DevOps Engineer, taking care of products from beginning to end. But still, I'm a developer whose heart mainly lies with Java for more than 15 years by now. I'm still learning its intricacies to date, always in search of ways to improve my code.

I also dig the front end a lot. HTML, CSS, Javascript, MVC frameworks like Angular and VUE. Sometimes this javascript jungle can get overwhelming but seeing your code come to live in the browser can be magical.


Stuff I do

Work related, I mostly do some form of Java, Javascript or Angular. You can check out my personal projects on GitHub, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or join some meetups.

Besides coding, I also like to cruise on my motorcycle, lose some time playing videogames, or take some snapshots with my camera (or my phone!). Check out my Insta account for all that!

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One more thing

At the moment I work as an entrepreneur, I'm comfortable doing larger projects but also like to do smaller sideprojects like building websites for small companies or other entrepreneurs. If you want to do business, please check my LinkedIn account to see if I'm available or contact me through the form below.